Runner’s Legs: Injuries and Rice

I hurt my left foot! I was going down the stairs, saw someone trying to get in while their hands were full, accidentally skipped a step, and landed on the top of my left foot. I made myself look completely stupid. I have a feeling I just overstretched my extensor tendons on the top of my foot. There was some bruising, swelling, and difficulty walking, but it’s much less extreme now than it was yesterday.

So, what do you do when you have an injury? Rice, of course!

  • REST: Stop doing any activities that require a lot of use of the injured area. For me that means no running.
  • ICE: Apply ice to the area for approximately 20 minutes at a time.
  • COMPRESSION: Use either an ace bandage or prewrap to put a little compression on the area to reduce swelling. You don’t want to cut off circulation though.
  • ELEVATION: Put the injured area above the level of your heart.

So today, instead of running, I did some YouTube video workouts to get my daily exercise. Tone It Up, Blogilates, and Tara Stiles Yoga are three of my favorites. They’re challenging and can be really low impact while still being extremely effective.

Today I did an inner thigh workout, a booty toning workout, an arm workout, and my recent favorite yoga flexibility video. Even with my injured food I was able to do a great cross training day. I might even add in my favorite ab workout tonight to get a total body workout.


Dorm Room Workout: YouTube Yoga for Flexibility

This week I don’t have my writing class because of conferences. So while my roommate is at class, I’ve been working on my flexibility. Recently I’ve had a lot of hamstring and calf cramps while running, so stretching is very important to me. My favorite YouTube video for this is the Body and Mind Flexibility Routine by The Yoga Solution With Tara Stiles. It’s great, I’ve done it twice and by the second time I could already see a difference!

Have ten minutes? Try it. I’m not a yogi but I enjoyed it! (And it’s great for cross training.)

Step One: Comment Cards

Change is not easy. Especially when you’re trying to change something that is completely out of your control. For me, approaching the food service department at my school has been a scary step that I know I must take if I ever want to be healthy at school.

And it all starts with a comment card.

I know this isn’t much, but it’s my way of approaching the problem mildly before I jump into the craziness I have planned. (I’ve been composing an email of complaints for a few weeks now. I won’t send it until it’s perfect; I need them to take it seriously.)

So here’s my comment card, front and back:

ImagePLEASE offer more healthy options! I don’t want to eat the disgusting fried food everyday and the salads are redundant. I would love to see a wider variety of… (con’t on back)

ImageVegetables and fruits. Especially SPINACH, strawberries, blueberries, etc in their natural form. Fruits (not the “fruit salad” full of nutrient-lacking melon) would be amazing for on salads.

ImageIt would also be great to have more vegetarian sandwich options. The “wheat bread” isn’t 100% whole wheat, so it is tasteless. And it would be fabulous to have spinach, avocado, bell peppers etc for on sandwiches. I will not eat the meats because they contain nitrates and sodium in excessive amounts.

ImageAlso, it would be great to have almond milk available as an alternate option to soy milk. Soy milk is full of hormones and it has more calories.

So I don’t know how seriously they will take me. I did provide my name and email address on the front so if they do reply, I’ll provide details. If not, I’ll write more comments until they do.

I tried to back up my requests with nutrient information, so hopefully that will give more incentive to make some changes. I know there are other vegetarians/vegans/gluten-free people at my school who would like to see some more options for those of us who choose to eat healthy. (I’ve seen their comment cards.)