About Me

I’m currently a sophomore in a small private college in the northeast. I am a physical therapy major in a six year doctorate program with a minor in Spanish. I run everything from 5ks to half marathons. Over the past year I’ve grown to love the granola lifestyle, meaning I live my life as naturally as possible. From organic food to all natural face wash, I avoid chemicals in every way possible.

Although the majority of my diet is comprised of fruits, vegetables, and grains I am not a vegetarian. I avoid cheese, milk, and dairy, but I’m not lactose intolerant. I avoid sugar as much as possible, but I appreciate good, dark chocolate occasionally. I have moral problems with conventional animal husbandry, pesticides, and overly processed foods. I appreciate my health and youth but I know that it’s something I’ll need to be conscious of as I age.

My general plan for this blog is to post reviews of new health foods that I try, share running playlists, post workouts, share reviews on natural products that I try, and anything else I find to be related.