Workout Playlist of the Week: (2) September 16, 2012

I’m still without my iPod! However, due to my lack of interest in overpriced electronics, I had no idea that Apple was coming out with new iPods. It’s like my iPod broke on purpose so I could get a new one. So, does anyone think buying a new iPod (any of the models) is worth the price?

But anyway, these are still the songs I listen to  before my runs to get me pumped up. Let’s go!

*Just a warning, I linked to the CD quality songs or the music videos where possible, some of them (most of them) are explicit so be cautious!*

Image1. Timeflies – For You

Timeflies is probably my FAVORITE band. Their music has an amazing beat, and their covers of songs have great rap portions. I have never heard a song by Timeflies that I didn’t enjoy. Now that they have their own original songs I’ve been listening to them non-stop. This song is one of my more recent discoveries and I’m loving the lyrics and the music. It’s definitely going to be on my half marathon playlist in October! (I even have a whole Pandora playlist dedicated to Timeflies and similar artists and I LOVE IT!)

Image2. Kid Ink– Time of Your Life

I love the chorus of this song, especially the part that goes “Yeah I said, you ain’t gotta, you ain’t gotta leave.” The way he says it is extremely catchy and I can’t stop listening to it. It’s seriously addicting. I could listen to this song on repeat. I love when I can get a song that I LOVE to sing along with because it really helps me to distract myself from what I’m doing and I can breathe better because I’m not psyching myself our about my breathing pattern. And who’s not having “the time of their life” when they’re running?! (And, I just found a remix with Tyga and Chris Brown. YAY! [I know, Chris Brown is a terrible person but I still listen to a lot of his music.])

Image3. Sean Paul (feat. Pitbull) – She Doesn’t Mind

This song is just so easy to sing along with. It has a nice medium paced beat which will keep my from trying to do a 7 minute mile for an 8 mile run. As much as I enjoy the high energy intense songs, sometimes I just need something that I know will slow me down and give me some recovery time before I get back to campus and have to run up the hill to go over to the baseball and soccer fields. Not only is it great for running but I love cleaning, doing laundry, stats homework, etc! (Also available without Pitbull.)

Image4. Lil Wayne (feat. Big Sean) – My Homies Still

My sister and I were pretty much obsessed with this song before I came to school. We loved blasting it in her car when she drove me all over the place (because I didn’t want to pay for gas!). This song, unlike the other ones this week is more like my usual music. The fast beats and catchy raps are great. AND I get to listen to both Lil Wayne and Big Sean in the same song. I can see myself listening to this song for the next few months and far into the future.

Image5. B.o.B (feat. Nicki Minaj) – Out of My Mind

This song is so fun. It has a great rap part, like all B.o.B. songs. I love his voice and his style. Nicki Minaj sounds great. They have very similar styles. This is just one of many songs I love from Strange Clouds (including Strange Clouds, So Good, and Ray Bands). And since I like puns and everything, sometimes I feel like I’m out of my mind when I’m running. Seriously who runs half marathons? An the part at the end where B.o.B. says “Shh, they might be listening” is funny EVERY TIME. LOVE. IT.

So that’s my list for the week! Click HERE to checkout last week’s workout playlist.


Workout Playlist of the Week: September 9, 2012

Unfortunately I have been music-less for the last few weeks. I broke my iPod! (Apparently you’re not supposed to get your sweat into the charging port…?) Either way, these are still the songs I listen to pre-run to get me pumped up. Let’s go!

*Just a warning, I linked to the CD quality songs or the music videos where possible, some of them (most of them) are explicit so be cautious!*

1. Taylor Swift – We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Everyone says that this song sounds like an Avril Lavigne song from the 90s. I liked Avril Lavigne in the 90s! I remember loving her in 5th grade. And I’m sure all girls can relate to the song. I know I personally have a few guys I feel this way about. And there’s nothing better than a workout song that gets you all worked up to the point of pure effort. (And I love that this is more pop than country!)

2. Kanye West – Mercy (feat. Big Sean, Pusha T & 2 Chainz)

I’d like to use this song to introduce my inner thug. Yes, I’m a wimpy little 110 pound white girl who listens to lots of offensive rap music. This song is amazing to run to. It has an amazing beat and there’s something about the offensive music that makes me feel like I can really mess stuff up. I get aggressive and I feel like I can do anything. I push myself so much harder when I’m listening to this kind of music. It’s great for sprints, distance, and anything in between.

3. Sammy Adams – All Night Longer

I’m a big fan of Sammy Adams. I think he’s more popular among the college age than the general population right now, but I’m pretty sure he was just recently taken on by a larger record company so hopefully there will be some new music from him in the next few years. This song, like the last one, has a WONDERFUL beat. Its catchy chorus keeps me running even when I’m going up hills. And that really means something. Out of the three new Sammy Adams songs I’ve been running to, this one is definitely my favorite.

4. Flo Rida – Run (feat. Redfoo)

Again, I’m clearly a fan of fast paced strong beats. But the chorus of this song makes it PERFECT for running. Is it cheesy to listen to a song about running when you’re running? Maybe a little bit, but I think it gives me an extra boost of energy. And then it changes to RedFoo. Perfect. I love when some of my favorite singers decide to collaborate on a song. It’s like a perfect mix of my favorite sounds. (And for those of you that watched the music video: I just want to give that girl a sports bra! I don’t have a lot going on *in that area*, but I’ve heard stories and that cannot feel good!)

5. Kid Ink – Live It Up

Where has this singer been all my life?! Seriously, I only heard Kid Ink for the first time a few days ago while doing homework and listening to my Timeflies Pandora channel. But seriously, this man is amazing. He’s a lot like a mixture of Drake, Mac Miller, and Sammy Adams. This is definitely my kind of music. I already like every song I’ve heard by him. This song has a great message to it. If exercising and eating healthy isn’t “living it up” I don’t know what is. “I ain’t got a care in the world tonight/We ain’t really worry about nothing/Had a long day, all my life, I’ve been waiting for this moment/So I gotta live it up, live it up, live live it up…” I don’t know about you, but that really sticks out to me. As a person who exercises for stress relief just as much as fitness, I find this to be very motivational. Despite all the forces acting against me in my life, it reminds me to save time for fun. I gotta live it up!